MEAM Approach Network
MEAM Approach Network

The MEAM Approach Network

A shared community space for MEAM Approach Network members to connect and learn together

About MEAM

People facing multiple disadvantage experience a combination of problems including homelessness, substance misuse, contact with the criminal justice system and mental ill health. They fall through the gaps between services and systems, making it harder for them to address their problems and lead fulfilling lives. 

Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) is a coalition of national charities – Clinks, Homeless Link, Mind and associate member Collective Voice. Together MEAM represents over 1,300 frontline organisations across England.

Working together we support local areas across the country to develop effective, coordinated services that directly improve the lives of people facing multiple disadvantage. See a list of the 42 local areas in the MEAM network on this link.

We use our shared knowledge and practical experience from this work to influence policy at the national and local level.

Who is this platform for and what can you access within it?

This online platform is exclusive to local areas who are a part of the MEAM Approach network. It provides a space where local areas can:

  • Find each other and easily make connections outside of our regular events
  • Share stories, and exchange experiences and ideas through community posts and group or direct chats
  • Take part in themed discussion threads
  • Explore challenges and learn together in workshops, courses, events, and more
  • Access MEAM Approach network events and resources
  • All in one place!

In addition to connecting with members from any MEAM Approach area, you can explore the platform through topics, and join dedicated peer discussion and support spaces for our frontline practitioner and strategic leads forums. You’ll also be able to browse and access all of MEAM’s tools and resources for areas through a structured Resource Library. And join in building a MEAM Partnerships Library, gathering expertise and good practice developed locally across the network.

Providing a single, simplified point of access to all network related activity and information, this virtual platform supports MEAM areas to develop as a thriving collaborative community that works together to tackle multiple disadvantage.

If you are part of one of the 42 local areas in the MEAM Approach network, click the "request to join" button above to join us now on our Mighty Network and let’s make change happen!

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